A place to find Judo classes. A Judo directory. Although originally created for Judo...I also include Jiu-Jitsu because they share many similarities.

Why do this?
I like judo and wanted my kids to get involved so I tried to find local places in South Florida (which wasn't always easy). Any location, not only South Florida, could also be added. For example I added the Kodokan, even though few of us will have the opportunity to go there.

Basic info is displayed. Name, Address, phone, email and a 500 char discription field is available. Mapquest and/or Yahoo maps can be displayed for your location. A link to your official website can be displayed. Icons are shown for Facebook & Twitter accounts. A small custom Logo can be displayed instead of the generic Judo logo.

I recently [July 2013] went through and removed many entries.
How? Google! Many old clubs have faded from existance. In this  Internet age it seems hard to believe that you would find nothing on Google. A further test would be googling the address...usually would return the name of the business.  Furthermore, even if it is a small club you could at least setup a free Facebook entry.

This is just a directory not a recommendation for any of the clubs.

Freestyle Judo

Freestyle Judo is not a different "style" or "system" of judo. Good judo is good judo. The rules of freestyle judo encourage all the skills and strategy of good judo to be used.